Sunday, September 5, 2010

A New Start, A New Finish, and Newly Framed

I ordered LHN's Women of Virtue, "Gentle and Kind" and have started it. I am going to label this one with my stepdaughter Jessica's name. She is a gentle and kind person and it is very fitting for her.

I finished LHN's Women of Virtue, "Joyful and Caring" and have labeled it with my daughter Brianna's name. I plan on taking it to the framer next week.

Speaking of the framer, I picked up my two framed pieces last week. They look fantastic. The nativity scene that I had made for Leanndra's birth year cleaned up so nicely. My LHN piece labeled with Leanndra's name looks very nice in its frame and I have it hanging in the family room. I am going to put Brianna's piece to the left of it, and Jessica's to the right.

I, also , wanted to upload a pic of the bookmark that I sent to Viv in England as part of a bookmark exchange in my ILCS group. I, also, sent her several packets of drink mix, a prairie schooler santa pattern , and a post card of KY. I sent the postcard because the bookmark was actually finished while I was visiting family in KY in August.
I appreciate all the comments that are left and I thank you for them. I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I know that I will. We are heading to the beach this evening for a few hours. Nothing like the beauty of the ocean. Happy Stitching, Angel