Saturday, August 27, 2011

Key Largo and a small finish

At the beginning of the month, we went to Key Largo and spent six nights at our favorite condo site, Kiwauma yacht club. We had a wonderful time. Tim and the kids went fishing on a party boat and Chris caught a huge grouper! He caught the biggest fish on the boat that day. We had that grouper for dinner and he was delicious! The kids(aged 15 and 19) watched Aiden one afternoon and I got to g

o out fishing on the partyboat with Tim. We had a wonderful time. We didn't catch any great big fish but we caught about a dozen or so grunt and snappers. We had dinner one evening at the Islamorada Fish Company. Great food and great scenery. Since our return from the Keys it has been back to work for me. I started back the 15th and students started this past Tuesday. Every school year brings great excitement and great challenges. In two weeks, we will be flying to Kentucky so that I can attend my 30th class reunion! Where has the time gone!

I do have a few pics of wips and a small finish. I finished the horse from Prairie Schoolers barnyard Christmas and turned it into a trivet. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and for all the comments that you leave. Happy traveling and Stitching!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anniversary Vacation- The final chapter

Tim and I did two tours at Mammoth Caves. I told about the historical tour in part 3. The second tour was the new entrance tour. It was a two hour tour and we rode propane powered buses to the entry site. This tour had lower areas than the first tour. On this tour, two different guys that were walking in front of me hit their heads because they didn't duck! I actually liked the historical tour better but this one ended at the frozen niagra. This is an area that looks like a frozen waterfall. It was gorgeous and worth walking all the steps.
Tim and I left Mammoth Caves and headed to Slade,KY where we spent two nights at natural bridge state park. Natural bridge is a gorgeous area and the view from the bridge was voted as the best view in the state of KY. I bet it is really beautiful in the fall. Tim and I walked up to the bridge our first day there. It is less than a mile but is a steep little walk. The next day we took the skylift to the top and did a couple of trails on the top. We walked to lover's leap and another area that I don't remember the name. That evening we played putt-putt at the course in the park and then Tim did a walk back to the lodge while I went to a naturalist presentation. The naturalist told me and the other couple attending that they have flying squirrels at the park and that they visit the feeders at night. Tim and I went to the birdfeeders at then and sure enough there were two flying squirrels in the bird feeder! We took pics of the little guys. The next day we left for Louisa to pick up Aiden from my family and then headed home after the 4th of July. The 4th was great because Aiden got to see the parade and watch fireworks for the first time. The city of Louisa lets off fireworks on top of a hill that overlooks the town. We were able to sit on my sister's front porch and watch them. Aiden was afraid at first but eventually fell in love with them. We left for home the next day. We were gone for sixteen days and they were sixteen wonderful days!
I didn't add any stitching pics to this post but will add some soon. Thanks for reading my ramblings and my next update will have some pics from our family vacation at Key Largo! Happy traveling and stitching to everyone!