Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wow, Time Flies Even When You Are Not Having Fun!

School was rough the last semester and not everything was fun and rosy but Tim and I got to go watch the Cats play in the first and second round of the NCAA tourney. I was one excited girl when I found out the cats were coming to town! We had an amazing time! Nothing like watching your ball team win. I wish they could have went all the way this year but I am very proud of how well they did.

My mom and my brother came to visit in April for a few days. I have lived in Florida for seven years now and it was the first time that my mom had visited my house. Needless to say, I was excited. My beautiful Mommy will be 80 in the fall. She sure doesn't look it!

You know, blogger never puts my pics where I want them!

Easter has also come and gone since my last update. Here's a few pics of Aiden on Easter morning.
Last but not least are a few stitching pics. I have a pic of my framed prairie schooler sants and of my latest finish, "Little Boy Blue" from prairie schooler nursery rhymes. I made one change on "Little Boy Blue", I gave the boy blonde hair to match my little monkey, Aiden. When I get this framed, it is suppose to hang in his bedroom, but I like it so well, it may have to hang in the family room for a few months!