Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wow, Time Flies Even When You Are Not Having Fun!

School was rough the last semester and not everything was fun and rosy but Tim and I got to go watch the Cats play in the first and second round of the NCAA tourney. I was one excited girl when I found out the cats were coming to town! We had an amazing time! Nothing like watching your ball team win. I wish they could have went all the way this year but I am very proud of how well they did.

My mom and my brother came to visit in April for a few days. I have lived in Florida for seven years now and it was the first time that my mom had visited my house. Needless to say, I was excited. My beautiful Mommy will be 80 in the fall. She sure doesn't look it!

You know, blogger never puts my pics where I want them!

Easter has also come and gone since my last update. Here's a few pics of Aiden on Easter morning.
Last but not least are a few stitching pics. I have a pic of my framed prairie schooler sants and of my latest finish, "Little Boy Blue" from prairie schooler nursery rhymes. I made one change on "Little Boy Blue", I gave the boy blonde hair to match my little monkey, Aiden. When I get this framed, it is suppose to hang in his bedroom, but I like it so well, it may have to hang in the family room for a few months!


Meari said...

You're right. Your Mom doesn't look anywhere close to 80. Yay Mom! My Mom has aged well, too. I tell everyone I got my good genes from her, lol.

Your finishes look great!

Gabi said...

Your Mom looks great...so do you. And your grand son is just lovely.
Little Boy Blue turned out just gorgeous. Love the hair color change

Mouse said...

love the little boy blue :) Aiden is a real sweetie and your mom does look good for her age :)
love mouse xxx

Jackie said...

Hi there Angel, Congrats on finishing your PS pieces. They are gorgeous. I really like them both. You mother looks fabulous and TFS all your pics of your family and little Aiden.
TFS again.

Katrien said...

Little boy blue looks good!
Nice pics of your family. I just cut the code and paste where it is supposed to be, but I still use the old form of blogger.