Sunday, January 30, 2011

A finish and a wonderful trip to KY

Last Thursday, my husband, stepdaughter, grandson, and I flew to KY so that Aiden could celebrate his third birthday with family. It was a great trip. It snowed the first night we were there. Tim, my husband, and Jessie played out in the snow.It was only the second time they had seen snow. The next morning Jessie and Aiden went out and played in the snow for a bit.

Tim, Jessie, and I had lunch with my great friends, Dianna and Cheryl at Texas Roadhouse in Ashland on Friday afternoon. It was great spending time with my friends.

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party for Aiden. His birthday was the 23rd. Little monkey is now 3 years old.My brother Arnold visited and it is him in one of the top pics.

It was a super time in the KY. Then, I came home and yesterday finished my Prairie Schooler Santa 2001! Yeah me! Speaking of Prairie Schooler, when I hit that 50 followers mark, I have a schooler santa and a schooler amish pattern to give away! Thanks for reading and I really appreciate all of the comments!


Vicky L said...

Your PS is beautiful. So glad you had a wonderful time in KY. Happy Birthday to Aiden!

Meari said...

Sounds like a great trip, Angel. Happy Birthday to Aiden! And congrats on your finish.

Scattered Threads said...

"Happy Birthday dear Aiden. Happy Birthday to you!!!" How precious. Based on the photos of your visit, looks as though everyone had fun. Thanks for sharing; and congratulations on finishing your PS Santas.

blueladie said...

What great pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Your Santa turned out wonderful. :) Cathryn

Katrien said...

congrats on your finish

Carol's Stitching said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic trip and I love your PS Santa. Have fun and looking forward to future updates. I'll make sure I start following your blog!