Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year!

I did not post at all in 2013! So this year, I will try to be more responsible in my blog posts. 2013 was an amazing year. My husband and I had a super vacation that included Niagara Falls, Upstate New York, Vermont, and Maine. We ended the summer with four nights in Key Largo.Aiden went on his first fishing trip in Key Largo and he started kindergarten this year! I have a new grandson, Cutter, that was born October 23. He is gorgeous! And I discovered the joys of quilting! I have not cross stiched since I started quilting. This year I completed a king size quilt, three full size quilts, and four baby quilts! I am currently working on quilts for my two daughters. I hope everyone has a super 2014!


Meari said...

Happy New Year, Angel.

Aiden is a cutie as always, and your new little grandson is adorable.

angel parker said...

thank you Meari!