Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ready for vacation.

The bags are packed and the car is partially loaded. We are headed to Key Largo tomorrow for our family vacation. We are staying at a new place this time and I hope it is as nice as the last.Our condo is on the Gulf side of the key.
Yesterday was the ILCS virtual stitch in. I managed to get three stitches in before Aiden woke from his nap! That was my total accomplishment for the stitch in. I did manage to stitch for an hour today. I am working on Monticello. I would like to get it finished before school starts. I have decided that I am doing a red, white, and blue theme for my class decor and that we will study our first six presidents this school year. I have materials I have collected from my anniversary trip to use in my classroom. One is called "Travelling T.J." "Travelling T. J." is a paper cutout of Thomas Jefferson and you take pictures of him going on field trips with your class and at your school and post them to the website for Monticello. One of the guides I met at Monticello was a retired school teacher and she gave me enough T.J.'s for each of my students. I am looking forward to starting this project with my class. I'll post pics of T.J.'s travels here on my blog when school starts.


Meari said...

Angel -- You don't look old enough to be a gramma :) A traveling TJ.. how fun! Enjoy your vacation.

MaryT said...

Really nice pictures and Love you stitching projects.